Finished Basement Company
Our process

Finished Basement Or Renovations

Our process is very simple there are few steps to Finish your dream renovations or finishing your basement. Our steps are listed on this page please read carefully.

ESTIMATE: Wether you found us on google or one of our satisfied clients told you about us, we are here to create your dream renovation into reality. Our first step is to conduct a free in-home personal assessment followed by a visit from one of our Engineers who will draft a site plan, Commercial, Office or Restaurant space, FREE of cost.

QUOTE: After getting all the information from you we will send an email with a quote base on the information we collected, we will explain about most of the material that we are using and detailing what is including in your Quote. Once agreed with the quote you can come to our office or we will send a representative at your house and get the contract paper sign.

DESIGN: We have more than 6 engineers, one of the engineer will draw the drawing and make the blue prints once approve by you we will submit the drawing to the city and get a city permit (if required). If city permit is not require than you can start your selections of material.

BUILD: Now this is the time that you just sit and relax and we will be working on your dream project. We will finished your project on time and will do all the work by city codes and have all the inspections passed by city’s inspector. Once approved you will get a certificated from the city.

WARRANTY: All our work is under warranty for 1 year. Your warranty starts from the day we finish your projects. We are always here for you if just in case something goes wrong which is unlikely to happen.